Cultivating Creativity with Celeste Neuhaus

Wednesday Oct 30th

5300 Butler St.
$30 per 45 min session

Join artist Celeste Neuhaus, our Window Residency artist, for a one-on-one guidance session. Having been an art teacher for 15 years, Celeste believes that one-on-one connections are imperative to draw out an artist's creativity or work through a road block. If you're an artist or creator and you feel like you've been in a rut, sign up for one of Celeste's sessions to get yourself moving again!

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More on Celeste: 


Celeste Neuhaus is a witch who fuses art and magic. Her work insists upon ecosocial justice by revealing the widely overlooked interdependencies between the corporeal, psychological, cultural, political, ecological, and cosmological. Currently based in Pittsburgh, Celeste has exhibited her paintings and sculptures and done performances throughout the United States in galleries, magic temples, DIY spaces, salt flats, fields of wildflowers, vacant lots, rooftops, and art museums. Celeste earned her BFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago and her MFA at the University of New Mexico in “The Land of Enchantment,” where she attended the Land Arts program in Art and Ecology.

As a professor in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University, Celeste realized her passion for providing personal attention while mentoring students; she now professionally guides individuals through the process of cultivating their unique creativity.


IG: @celesteneuhaus

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