This lock box by Wood-N-You Like it can be decorative and functional! Store some small valuables, or display it as an art piece, in this vintage and charming lock box.


Paul and Laura Fruehan started Wood-N-You Like It Custom Woodworking over 25 years ago when they were asked if they could duplicate a child’s stool for a friend. Paul started woodworking at an early age in the family workshop that was originally equipped with tools that belonged to his grandfather, Peter Fruehan. Peter was a pattern maker by trade and worked many years for the Lackawanna Rail Road making wooden patterns of parts for steam locomotives. Several of Peters' original hand tools are still used today in our workshop. Laura is our resident artist. She has always had an interest in art and painting, and has taken numerous art classes. Paul constructs all our items, and Laura completes a substantial amount of the finishing.

1906 Eagle Lock Box by Wood-N-You Like It

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