From the 2014 CSA PGH season.


EDITH ABEYTA enlisted the help of the public for her edition for the 2014 full share. She commissioned biographical sentences from the public via Craigslist, Each piece in the edition is a different sentence, as a fabric garland, along with the name of the writer.  


Abeyta is an installation artist. Using re-purposed, salvaged and scavenged materials and incorporating interactive and participatory elements, her installations focus and explore issues of collectivity, opportunity, and labor. Embracing notions of ephemerality and multiplicity, she offers alternatives to static, single-voiced art production. Abeyta received a fellowship from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and has had residencies and exhibitions at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, the University of Burapha, Thailand, the Long Beach Museum of Art, and the Craft and Folk Art Museum.

Banner by Edith Abeyta

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