We love these adorable and creative beanie chimeras by Christina Hansen! Do you recognize these creatures?


Christina Hansen is a multimedia and fiber artist with a background in art conservation, public sculpture and decorative arts. In their free time, they have been busying their hands deconstructing a small “fortune” of 1990’s McDonalds Teenie Beanie Babies. They maintain a rotating art practice and a “use what ya got” philosophy; taking pleasure in purposeful and repetitive processes (such as seam-ripping, hand stitching, and most recently, elaborate ceiling painting). In this first series of Teenie Beanie chimeras, Christina has worked within the confines of 1:1 plush body-part swaps, working along manufacturer seams. The end reworked and resealed, plush prizes invite the viewer to enjoy a slightly-off-putting piece of 90’s nostalgia while observing the playful contrast in “projected value” versus “market value”, versus “sentimental value”, versus the value of each of their parts as “swap-able” pieces and art materials. From this stash of Happy Meal memorabilia, the artist intends to release at least three series, some only available as one-of-a-kind, others available as duplicates, but each made with a reflection of gratitude.

Chimera Beanies by Christina Hansen

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