These photographs by Curtis Reaves demonstrate the versatility of photography as a medium by making playful, unexpected compositions. All work are framed, archival, digital prints.




  • Distance Between I and II, Circle of Pose: 9"x11"
  • Chopsticks, Untitled: 13"x17"


"My work embodies video documentaries, installations and fine art photography. My photography and installations have been exhibited at museums and galleries across the United States. My contemporary work concentrates on Fine Art Photography where I utilize organic and repurposed materials and translate pieces for diverse environments and Public Art. I’m also an Arts Educator in schools with at-risk youth. In 2009, I co-founded my passion project, named C-clear Empowerment, a non-profit 501c3 community and economic corporation, located in the City of McKeesport. C-clear provides youth and adult employment and training programs centered around the arts, technology and entrepreneurial initiatives."

Framed digital print by Curtis Reaves

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