From the 2015 CSA PGH. Season.


JOSHUA REIMAN and ADDY SMITH REIMAN designed an invasive plant kit modeled on traditional plant kits for home gardening. The kit includes a hand-forged trowel with wooden handle, 5 seeds for invasive species, and a small booklet with information on the history of each species and their impact on the environment. Each shareholder has the power to open and plant the seeds, or can preserve thepiece and their native landscape by keeping the box closed!


Joshua Reiman and Addy Smith-Reiman are collaborators on projects that deal with wild nature, gardening, and contemporary art at the edge of expected aesthetic norms. Hybridization of landscape and form is where they come together to push the boundaries of where these somewhat disparate communities meet.

For over 10 years Addy Smith-Reiman has successfully engaged people with projects that celebrate local identity, shared histories and future use.  She integrates research, design, civic engagement and long-term stewardship planning for successful projects that activate PLACE.  She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and Masters degrees in Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. Addy is also an active gardener and beekeeper, and is also a certified Penn State Master Gardener.

Joshua Reiman is an artist working in sculpture, film, video and photography. His work has been shown all over the United States and in Europe. He is currently a visiting professor of art at Carnegie Mellon University where he teaches sculpture. Josh has an MFA in sculpture from Syracuse University and a BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States, in Germany and in Estonia. Recent exhibitions include Wellesley College MA, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston Hunt Memorial Library, Villa Eugenie in Bad Schwalbach Germany, and Hallwalls in Buffalo, NY. Josh has a solo show at Napoleon Gallery in Philadelphia this coming November. 

Invasive Plant Kit by Joshua Reiman and Addy Smith-Reiman

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