Tiny Talk: Living Room Editions with Soren Lundi


We're concluding our 2021 Summer season with Soren Lundi! Soren's intricately beaded pieces have been a popular staple at Small Mall. Purchase your tickets for this event below to celebrate an end to another season of Tiny Talks!

Cost of attendance is $5-20 sliding scale. Ticket purchase is required to receive the Zoom link. Your link will be in the PDF file that's connected to this event, please proceed to download the digital item once you checkout. If you're having trouble accessing your link, email Eriko at eriko@smallmallpgh.

More about Soren Lundi:

Soren Lundi is a Pittsburgh-based bead and paper artist. Soren creates hand-beaded jewelry inspired by nature, mixing flora and fauna with rococo sensibilities. He also crafts paper flowers and paper flower bouquets.

About Tiny Talk: Living Room Editions

Small Mall presents short artists talks from some of Pittsburgh's favorite artists in our Tiny Talk series

During COVID-19, Small Mall continues to bringing you quality arts programming through the self-quarantines and stay-at-home orders. Our Tiny Talks series will come to your home with our Living Room Edition until we can all see each other again. 

We host these talks through Zoom, a video conference platform that can host multiple users within one chat together. A Small Mall staff member moderates the conversation with the featured artist. Participants have the opportunity to ask their own questions during these talks as well. All Zoom events are private. We sell the event links as digital products and the link will be in a pdf for you to download after purchasing.

Living Room Edition events are pay-what-you-can, between $5-20 to sign up. Proceeds go to Small Mall staff and the artists to help them through this crisis. 

Please contact Eriko at eriko@smallmallpgh.com if you have any problems with purchasing your tickets or accessing your link.